Arranging Business Loans in Ireland

Being able to arrange business loans is essential if your business is going to expand during the good times or survive the bad times. However, raising finance through business loans is no longer as straightforward as it once was, and the available advice about business loans can often be conflicting.

For example, despite the Central Bank issuing instructions to the leading Irish lenders to relax their lending criteria, businesses in Ireland have suffered from “credit constraints” due to either being denied a business loan, being rationed on the amount of finance that was made available to them, or because they were discouraged from borrowing in the first place.

At Friel Stafford, we have been providing companies with advice about business loans for two decades and during this time have developed relationships with the leading Irish lenders (AIB, BOI, Ulster Bank, etc.) who acknowledge that the independent business reviews we supply on behalf of our clients are fair and unbiased.

Independent Business Reviews

It is not unusual for lenders to request a business plan before advancing finance to businesses in Ireland but, in certain circumstances, it may also be necessary for companies to support their business loan applications with an independent business review.

Business reviews give reassurance to lenders that a company is viable in the short and medium term, and are compiled by forensic accountants reviewing all aspects of a business, from the shop floor upwards. Often reviews can expose issues which need to be resolved before bank loans will be granted, or they might uncover under-employed resources which can improve the future profitability of a company.

On the basis of the forensic investigations, an independent business review is issued with recommendations on how to proceed. It may be the case that an alternate source of funding is more appropriate than bank finance, but this will not be known until the review is completed.

Get Expert Advice about Business Loans from Friel Stafford

Friel Stafford has a long history of successfully assisting companies with obtaining business loans in Ireland. Our team can advise you on what business funding may be most appropriate for your situation, suggest alternatives to traditional lenders, and conduct an independent business review if necessary.

Key to our approach is a positive working relationship with company management. We aim to prepare our independent business reviews as unobtrusively as possible and, in certain cases, work on the basis of a success fee only once finance has been confirmed.

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Arranging bank loans in Ireland can often be stressful and frustrating. Get a clear picture of your eligibility for finance by discussing your specific situation with a Friel Stafford finance expert today.