Funding from Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland grants financial support to companies which have the potential for growth – particularly when the future development of a company is likely to result in the creation of jobs and export sales.

Companies of any size and any age that are based in the Republic can apply for funding from Enterprise Ireland, provided that they meet the criteria laid down by the agency and manage their business in compliance with the terms of a grant once it has been awarded.

However, being accepted for Enterprise Ireland funding is not always straightforward, and it is in your best interests to speak with Friel Stafford – a financial practise which has successfully helped companies obtain financial support from Enterprise Ireland since the state agency was first established in 1998.

Enterprise Ireland Grants

Enterprise Ireland grants funding to companies through each stage of their development. Whether you have an idea for a start-up company, are considered to be a start-up with high potential, are an existing SME or a larger company with in excess of 250 employees.

To be eligible for Enterprise Ireland funding, you have to be able to demonstrate through proposals, business plans and financial projections that any funding you receive will develop your company and have to potential to generate jobs, sales and tax revenue.

Enterprise Ireland Funding

Funding from Enterprise Ireland is not always awarded in a cash payment. Depending on the nature of your business, the nature of the project you require funding for, and whether or not you have previously received Enterprise Ireland grants, you may discover that financial support comes in the form of a preferential loan or equity share.

Consequently, it is always advisable to seek professional advice about Enterprise Ireland funding in order that your company receives the appropriate support it needs, rather than a solution that may encumber your company┬┤s future growth and development.

Speak with Friel Stafford about Enterprise Ireland Grants

As the team at Friel Stafford has two decades of assisting companies with financial issues, it makes sense to speak with us about funding from Enterprise Ireland grants. Funding from Enterprise Ireland may not always be the most appropriate solution to your financial issues, and our team will discuss the best options with you – without any obligation on you to act on our advice or make use of our expert services.

To find out more about Enterprise Ireland grants, and to receive an independent assessment of your financial requirements, call the Friel Stafford advice line on 01 661 4066 and speak with one of our resourceful team about your options. Alternatively, you are welcome to submit the contact form on this page, and we will discuss your interest in Enterprise Ireland funding at a more suitable time.

Applying for funding from Enterprise Ireland can often be complicated due to the number of options available to you. Allow Friel Stafford to identify the most appropriate option for your business and handle the application process on your behalf in order to increase the likelihood of success.