Asset Tracing & Forensic Services

Experience informs us that most litigants who are unsuccessful in attempting to recover debt fail because they embark on costly litigation without the full picture of the assets ultimately available. By accurately tracing the debtor and establishing a fuller picture we help our clients to increase their chances of successful recovery of debts, owed both by companies and individuals.

In some cases, an individual debtor will have ‘gone underground’ and will be actively evading payment and any contact with our clients. It is at this point that our services are engaged, as specialists in locating individuals and confirming their identity and financial status.

In determining assets, hidden or real wealth, our investigators are skilled and experienced in investigating :-

  • UK Property
  • Offshore assets & property
  • Banking in the UK and offshore
  • Investments including shares & bonds
  • Trusts
  • Directorships
  • Assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities

Following a confirmation of identity, we are able to start an asset-tracing process, to evaluate current assets available for satisfaction of the debt. We are experienced in tracing assets held offshore, in other European countries and globally.