Property Development Receiverships

With our strong development property team, headed by our in house Quantity Surveyor, we have a structured methodology to advise on the options available for finishing out a part completed development.

When the preferred option is identified we can then implement it with our own in house team managing and supervising the key functions.

In summary we adopt a six stage process for property developments:

  1. Carry out a feasibility study/review on the project
  2. Identify any outstanding planning issues before developing and implementing a strategy to resolve those issues
  3. Prepare detailed cost plan & budgets with a view to determining the cost benefit of the project
  4. Supervise and manage the construction of the development
  5. Appoint an appropriate agent and manage the sales & marketing function
  6. Completion of site & handover to local authority and facility management company

For further information please contact Jim Stafford or Tom Murray on 01 661 4066 or or