Tax Compliance & Tax Planning Services

Friel Stafford’s tax department provides a broad range of taxation planning and compliance services that maximise the benefit to businesses and individuals being compliant with all relevant tax laws.

Our approach is one that priorities compliance with the taxation system while protecting clients and their personal wealth.

Friel Stafford have specialised consultants who advise on compliance with regulations and careful and legitimate planning which can greatly reduce tax payable

Our tax services include

  • Corporate Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Personal Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Capital Acquisitions Tax on receipt of Gifts and Inheritances
  • Tax Implications of Marital Breakdowns
  • Tax Implications of Property Transactions
  • Value Added Tax on all business and property transaction
  • Revenue Audits and Settlement

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Tax Planning and Tax Compliance in Ireland

The benefits of speaking with tax professionals providing specialist taxation services are numerous when you are running a business. Most business transactions have taxation implications, but the implications for a small family-run business may be much different than those for a multinational corporation.

In a difficult financial climate, strategic tax planning can make the difference between a business making a profit or loss, and there is such a variety of tax reliefs and tax planning opportunities available that it is often difficult to know where to start.

At the same time, it is important that businesses remain aware of their obligations to the Revenue and seek advice about tax-compliance. The penalties for non-compliance with the tax code can be substantial and even if your business is in a position that it cannot meet its tax obligations, it may still be of benefit to seek advice from a company providing taxation services.

The team at Friel Stafford has been providing tax advisory services in Ireland for more than two decades, and we can provide your business with tailored advice appropriate to your specific circumstances.

Summary of our Taxation Services

Our range of taxation services has been established to help businesses in as many different scenarios as possible; however, it is conceivable – as new legislation is introduced and new tax planning opportunities become available – that this summary of tax advisory services becomes out of date over time.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your specific requirements with one of our tax professionals should there be a taxation scenario which is not included in the list below, or there is one about which you would like further advice.

Our taxation services include:

Tax Efficient Strategies for Businesses

There are many tax efficient strategies for businesses – from claiming capital allowances to tax-efficient employee incentive schemes – but, depending on the individual circumstances of your business, the timing of a capital acquisition or the introduction of an employee incentive scheme can have a significant impact on how efficient the strategy is.

Timing is just one reason that we recommend speaking with a company offering professional corporate tax advisory services; and our tax professionals will be able to identify the most appropriate tax planning opportunities to reduce the level of profit which is liable for tax and maximise your business´s tax efficiency.

Business Start-Ups

There are also multiple tax planning advantages that can be obtained by business start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Many companies operating in “non-assisted areas” will be able to benefit from the Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) to minimise their tax liabilities, and tax efficient methods of financing a business also exist.

Our taxation services to business start-ups and SMEs include ensuring that suitable trading structures and appropriate shareholding structures are in place to benefit from the maximum taxation allowances, and providing advice on compliance with the Revenue in relation to Corporation Tax, PAYE, PRSI, VAT, Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax.

Tax Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions

Timing and trading structure also play significant roles in tax planning for mergers and acquisitions. Business sales and takeovers should have an appropriate tax structure in place, and incentive schemes for employee retention – and tax-efficient remuneration techniques for departing employees – should also be investigated.

One of the major benefits of using Friel Stafford´s tax advisory services in the merger or acquisition of a business is that our experience in forensic accounting will reveal any risks associated with the tax history of the target business, and our specialist tax advisors will be able to suggest resolutions to any issues which may provide an obstacle to a successful transaction.

Revenue Audits and Tax Investigations

The powers that the tax authorities have to scrutinise declared taxes for business have been expanded substantially in recent years, and the imminent introduction of the iXBRL format for submitting financial statements is likely to increase the number of audits and tax investigations that are conducted by the Revenue.

Consequently, it is in your best interests to speak with the tax professionals at Friel Stafford before, during and after a tax investigation, so that our team can conduct a pre-audit tax “health check”, give you advice on the procedures of a tax investigation, liaise with the tax authorities and negotiate a settlement where necessary.

Tax Advisory Services for Individuals

Our tax advisory services are not just for businesses, and individuals are welcome to take advantage of our expertise in such matters as

  • Income and wealth protection
  • Partnership taxes for professionals
  • Research and development (R&D) tax credits
  • Tax credits for investing in green technologies
  • Tax planning for pensions and retirement

Persons who might avail of our tax advisory services for individuals need not necessary be high income earners. Our tax professionals can assist sole traders, beneficiaries of wills and gifts, trustees, and couples with marital issues who need to get their tax affairs in order.

Our tax planning services are also suitable for farmers with businesses, partners and partnerships, and charities or other non-profit organisations that would rather the funds they raise support their beneficiaries rather than be paid to the Revenue.

Speak with Tax Professionals at Friel Stafford

From developing tax efficient strategies for businesses, to helping start-ups get the right taxation information, to assisting companies prepare for acquisitions and tax inspections, the tax professionals at Friel Stafford can provide advice on practically every element of taxation for businesses and individuals – both at home and overseas.

As mentioned above, our summary of taxation services may well become out of date over time; so for the most current and relevant advice for your particular circumstances, you are invited to call the Friel Stafford advice line on 01 661 4066 to discuss your tax situation in complete confidentiality and with no obligation on you to avail of our taxation services thereafter.

Should it not be a convenient time for you to call us right away, please leave your contact details in the form included on this page, and one of our professional tax advisors will get in touch at a more suitable time to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.