Friel Stafford

Welcome to Friel Stafford

Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

Our firm was founded in 1994 as a Specialist Corporate Recovery and Insolvency practice, and is now one of Ireland’s leading firms in this area.

We provide prompt commercial advice to directors of a Company who are encountering financial difficulty. We do not assume that insolvency proceedings are always inevitable, and we will examine all options available to a Company.

Corporate Finance

We provide specialist strategic funding advice to the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector.

Our experts have strong deal execution experience and provide creative solutions to businesses at each stage of their life cycle.

Forensic Accounting & Expert Witness

We provide specialist Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness services.

We investigate and analyse the financial information and communicate our findings clearly and concisely be it orally, in a confidential written report or in an expert witness report.

Our experts have experience acting as expert witnesses in Court and communicating our findings in the witness box.

Audit, Taxation & Accounting Services

The team at Friel Stafford has twenty years experience of providing audit and accounting services in Ireland, and we can provide a full range of services - irrespective of the size of your business or the complexity of your financial accounting procedures.

Our range of audit and accounting services has been developed in order to deliver trusted and independent advice in a business environment which is constantly changing due to commercial pressures, government intervention and compliance issues.