Free interactive CPD for network meetings of accountants and solicitors

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Free interactive CPD for network meetings of accountants and solicitors

  • Posted by: Tom Murray
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We know that many firms of accountants and solicitors organise monthly “network” group meetings with colleagues in other firms to discuss common issues and possible solutions. Such meetings generally take an hour or so.

In the current Covid restrictions, many of these meetings have now migrated to video conferencing platforms. We have made CPD presentations to such networks before, and we are now doing them over all video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet etc. (We are also happy to present to “inhouse” groups.)

Our experience is that network meetings wish to have “short punchy” presentations lasting no more than 15 minutes. In practice, we find that the real “takeaways” at these presentations are at the Q & A sessions after. In re-action to demand, we have developed “short punchy” presentations on the following topics:

  1. 10 mistakes to avoid in a Members Voluntary Liquidation
  2. 10 mistakes to avoid in organising a creditors meeting for a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.
  3. How to deal with vulture funds.
  4. How to deal with Judgment mortgages.
  5. How to advise on landlord/tenant issues in current Covid climate.
  6. How to do informal arrangements with creditors.

(Apart from those listed above, we have a vast library of Corporate and Personal Insolvency courses that can be tailored towards networks’ specific needs.)

How do we present the talks?

The network organiser contacts us to agree the content of the talk and a suitable time. In advance of the talk we email the PowerPoint presentation to the network organiser who distributes it to the group members in advance of the webinar. We then log into the Zoom/Team call at the agreed time.

We are also glad to talk through real life cases and possible solutions. All of our talks and contents of the Q & A are confidential and subject to “Chatham House rules”.

 Next Steps

If you would like one of our team to present at one of your monthly network meetings and provide a relevant talk, then please contact one of team below by email to arrange same. (Director) (Director) (Director)

‎ (Senior Manager)‎ (Manager)

‎‎ (Manager)

 All of our training qualifies for CPD.

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Author: Tom Murray
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